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It is always believed the success is everyone aspiration, and to maintain that success someone has to lay the right and solid foundation.Our products has built a substantial market presence with more than 100 clients. Aldana Software remains unique in the industry by offering innovative and user friendly client based for windows and on the web, keeping in mind the trust and confidence that our customers gave to us by making us their choice of solution. We shall continue to innovate and explore endless possibilities to provide better service to our end-users. We believe that with our expertise and resources there’s no doubt that together we will achieve success in the future.

Aldana Computer
Aldana Computer Technology

Aldana Computer Technology Is a software company providing software solutions for Schools, Public Relation, Lawyers, Insurance Companies, Hospital, Hotels, etc.          View Profile

Aldana History
Our History

Danat Al Sharq Computer, established in 1997 in sharjah City – UAE. The target at that moment was going to product some soft ware helps specific sectors...

Aldana Vision

To stand out as the leading provider of innovative and powerful customize software solution in the industry.

Aldana Mission

Our mission is to strive hard for the highest level of quality, customer care and. It is our commitment to empower every business in the best way that we can through simple and powerful system.

For more information, please contact us :

mob.: +971-050-7263456 email:

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Our Services

Our expertise guarantees quality, competent and rapid execution of any projects - from small websites to complex ecommerce software and custom solution programming. We use the full potential of modern internet technologies for the benefit of your business. We also have expertise in providing services to Government and Non Government Organisations.

Our services include:

  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Application Development
  • Web Portals
  • Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Project Management

We translate our knowledge of business and modern technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services. We have a firm belief in aligning your IT with your business needs.

We acknowledge that every business is unique and therefore has distinctive technical and business requirements. This means that we take special care in understanding your business process and systems in order to tailor solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies to cater for your unique needs.

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Programming Languages

Although our experienced and knowledgeable team has the resources to program in a variety of languages and development platforms, most of our programming occurs using a combination of some or all of the following languages:

  • JavaScript
  • Visual Basic

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Our products are focused on innovation-led business growth for our clients.We focus on providing new development and sustenance services to our clients. We ensure that the products we help build, are robust, meet performance benchmarks, execute intended functionality consistently, and reach target customers on time. Depending on the target group, our products are designed appropriately to reach the potential customers and convince them of the product.

Our Clients

We work with a number of industries ranging from technology, to more. Our clients are our partners and our priority.

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