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Our experience which exceeded 18 years in the field of software production made us excel in designing, producing a distinct program in the field of real estate is an integrated system that includes all aspects of real estate management, accounting, personnel and maintenance is easy to use a single system with high efficiency and speed in completing the transaction as administrative system associated with Section accounting in all dealings, making accurate and fast accounting results. I have been using the latest technologies in production which makes it distinct from other programs where it can be used online or local agencies. The system deals with all types of real estate sale and rental, investment and multi-storey villas, commercial, residential and industrial complexes of buildings and land. Characteristics of software: - - Arabic English - Enter data once - easy to use - Multi-user specifying the powers of the security for each user - Print leases - Linked with the accounting system and does not need a dedicated accountant - Added the possibility of the program

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